Cost Per Sale (CPS)

CPS - A buyer's market. CGBTY knows how to promote your business and get the most out of it.

Localize Content

Our experts build unique localized content strategies to increase sales.

Advance Tech Models

We use the latest advanced marketing models to push up your sales.

Quality Sales

We analyze buyer behavior to drive quality sales.

Catch High ROI

Our CPS campaigns boost your brand values and catch high ROI with incredible sales.

The cost of success.

Our Cost Per Sale Service is every successful agency secret metrics

CGTBY is the best affiliate marketing agency that provides services that are offered to advertisers and publishers. The cost per sale is the most lucrative type of service because it gives both parties a higher ROI and brand values.

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At CGTBY, we dream up high performance to increase sales and drive high ROI

1. Cost Per Sale Facebook Ads

CPS Facebook ads are powerful way to increase sales.

2. Cost Per Sale Google Ads

CPS Google ads target a global audience and drive wider sales.

3. Cost Per Sale Services agency

We at CGTBY, catch the targeted real buyer to increase sales.

Our cost per sale agency gives a big boost to your brand & raises sales.

  • Performance

  • Brand values

  • Sales

  • Revenue

Your brand deserves limitless profit with the CPS service that we provide

Our cost-per-sale affiliate marketing gives low-risk, high-performance technics to catch more new real customers. Cost per sale service is our traditional marketing method to drive high revenue for our partners.

  • Make strategic goal planning for your product/Service
  • Set up multi-channel campaigns for your product/Service
  • Test your campaign effectiveness through testing Timely
  • Our team manage rapid change for successful campaigns

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